Monday, February 15, 2016

Influencing People Who Live in a 2D World With 3D Techniques

I just read an interesting article in The Week Magazine about Donald Trump. I'm not a Trump fan, but the article wasn't about his political views. It was about why he is doing so well in the polls. The article was such a different point of view and came at it from such a surprising angle, it intrigued me.

I followed one of the links in that article to an article on Scott Adams' blog. Adams is the man who created the Dilbert cartoon. Adams wrote about Trump in the context of Milton Erickson, a medical hypnotist and innovator in hypnotic communication. Turns out Scott Adams is a trained hypnotist and knows a lot about this kind of influence, and has written a series of articles about what he sees Trump doing.

There are several articles worth reading if you want to look into it. I suggest this article next. And this one after that. And if you want even more, read this one.

There are also some YouTube videos of Scott Adams talking about Trump's three dimensional influencing techniques that completely baffle people looking at it from a two dimensional perspective:

And lastly, here's a guy who doesn't seem to like Trump, but points out some good examples of Trump's persuasion skills:

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  1. First one needs to know if one is in a battle to even begin to influence another. This is why I am changing the emphasis on this excellent article. It begins with the American Christian Churches. Most of the millions of members have their heads so deeply buried in the sand, some deliberately, that don't turn the other cheek, because; they don't even know or care to know their faith is in great jeopardy.

    The Catholic and the Protestant leaders in this nation have failed to lead, as has our Islamic orientated President. He has intentionally allowed the murder of innocent "Kaffirs".